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#include "femtoos_code.h"

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void appBoot (void)
 Prototype for the general initialization.
void appLoop_Display (void)
void appLoop_Speed (void)


static Tuint08 speed = 0
 This file is solely for demonstration purposes.
const Tchar HelloWorldStr[] PROGMEM = "Hello World."

Function Documentation

void appBoot ( void   ) 

Prototype for the general initialization.

This is the first application code called. It is called only after a reset, thus in principle once.

Definition at line 44 of file code_TestHelloWorld.c.

void appLoop_Display ( void   ) 

Definition at line 52 of file code_TestHelloWorld.c.

References portFlashReadByte, speed, taskDelayFromNow(), Tchar, Tuint08, and Tuint16.

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void appLoop_Speed ( void   ) 

Definition at line 71 of file code_TestHelloWorld.c.

References speed, taskDelayFromNow(), and Tuint08.

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Variable Documentation

const Tchar HelloWorldStr [] PROGMEM = "Hello World."

Definition at line 42 of file code_TestHelloWorld.c.

Tuint08 speed = 0 [static]

This file is solely for demonstration purposes.

The Hello World example is made to get you started and this is the file you want to play with. Do not use other examples to that end, that will be a disappointing experience (or a steep learning curve)

Explanation on the website, point your browser at:

Definition at line 40 of file code_TestHelloWorld.c.

Referenced by appLoop_Display(), and appLoop_Speed().

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