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Controlling Femto OS and the blinking of leds with a shell.


This example is made to demonstrate what all is possible with a device as small as the ATtiny861. It runs eight preemptive led blinkers that can be set to different states and blinker frequencies independently. There is one task running a 4 wire bus protocol (full handshake, variable speed, interruptible). The last task is a shell task through which you can talk to the device. Of course a terminal application is needed which generates the right commands and which understands the communication protocol. This application (on windows) is included. Besides controlling the activity of the leds, it also is possible to suspend and resume the task. Change priority of tasks, restart crashed tasks, reboot the system etc etc. Type 'help' to see all possibilities. The image gives an indication of the possibilities, but this image is already a bit outdated. Unfortunately the commands in the video are not completely clear due to the low resolution.


See schematics, the hardware can be used for tracing as well as the shell, but not at the same time. The ATtiny861 can be programmed on a STK500.

Contact: info@femtoos.org   CC-BY License: Ruud Vlaming.