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Examples for the AVR devices.


These examples are made to get you quickly up and running. Besides that, it is always a lot easier to learn from examples how to use the api as it is to read manuals. All examples are precompiled for the all devices, raw binaries are packed in the download. Please note that not all examples in the package are discussed here. This is just to give an impression.

Second, these examples are used to test modifications to the code. Unfortunately Atmels simulator is not capable of simulating the timer of the tiny series (my primairy development target), and also crashes quite often (excessive stack overflow) on perfectly valid code. Thus it is not possible to automate the tests for the operating system.

The Femto OS has a trace facility which makes it possible to follow most actions. It is also possible to make use of this facility from user application code. Extra, but simple, hardware is needed to extract that information. The information is sent to the outside world by bitbanging, and must be retrieved by an external device. To that end, you can use the communication and trace program, contained in the download (for now, windows only) the connection schematics to the parallel port given here. We have a SVG version and a large PNG version.

Contact: info@femtoos.org   CC-BY License: Ruud Vlaming.